Working with the community since 1908

Homeline volunteer story

For almost a year now (I started on April 13th 2020), every week has started the same way.  Each Monday morning I spend a couple of hours calling local people to offer BCH's help and support and to have a friendly chat. The calls were initially pretty formulaic, essentially following a list of questions to check on people and make sure they were coping well and they had all the medicine and food they needed in what were still the early days of the pandemic. However, soon enough relationships started to blossom and conversations went beyond the set script to take a life of their own. It is amazing how quickly time flies and how, even though calls are so regular, there is always more to discuss and share. From current affairs and local news to discussing hopes, dreams, and history practically everything is on the agenda!

Indeed, this is why I have enjoyed doing this for so long. There is always more to learn and to discuss and it is rare to find an activity that is so enjoyable while at the same time being helpful and beneficial to others. Margaret, one of the regulars on my call sheet, will always make sure to thank me for calling, and to say how nice of me it is to call. For the past year I have been giving her the same reply, as true today as it was the first time I said it - 'this is the best way to start the week!'

With many thanks to those that have received my calls in the past year!
It has really been a pleasure and thank you Jelena and everyone else at BCH for making it possible!

Nikos, Homeline Volunteer, April 2021