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Rhyddhi talks about why she volunteers for Homeline

• Who you are?
Rhyddhi Chakraborty.
• Background?
I moved to the UK after my marriage. I finished my Ph.D. in Health Ethics in India and am looking for job in the education sector. Currently, I work as a teaching assistant. I love travelling, meeting and interacting with people from different places. I am passionate about doing something for the society.
• Why Homeline?
In India I helped raise funds for Help Age India & Rehabilitation Centre for Children.  After relocating to London, I wanted to continue to  be involved with  a charity. I came across the volunteering advert for Homeline in the Evening Standard newspaper. The Homeline Project matches the work I want to do.
• What do you enjoy about volunteering for Homeline?
Volunteering with Homeline means interaction with different kinds of people with varying but somehow similar needs. I enjoy the moment when clients express their enjoyment of receiving a Homeline call, the moment when they share about their thoughts and plans of the days and interact in a very friendly manner.
• Do you feel you are making an impact as a volunteer? If so how.
I feel I am having an impact on the lives of clients as a volunteer for Homeline. I’ve witnessed how gradually people start expressing themselves, opening up, and sharing their thoughts and problems to us to solve at the best of Homeline’s abilities. I've experienced client’s appreciating the service they are receiving from Homeline and it thus inspires me to continue my work as Homeline volunteer.