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Hammersmith and Fulham Refugee Forum

Supporting local refugee community organisations

Company Reg. No 04570246
Charity Reg. No 1099619

Hammersmith and Fulham Refugee Forum (HFRF) exists to represent, support and advise one of the most diverse refugee populations in London.

With nearly 30 refugee community groups in membership HFRF works tirelessly to help them develop their organisations, obtain expert advice, source funding, work with local and national government and other public bodies and get a fair deal from the media.

Established in 2000, HFRF was the first Refugee Forum in the capital and is widely acknowledged as the most pro-active and effective. The local council, the Police and the health service praise our work, which includes tackling such pressing issues as asylum, destitution and provision of adequate English tuition.

Hammersmith and Fulham Refugee Forum
Tel: 020 7386 9060
Email: officehfrf@aol.co.uk
Web: www.hfrf.org

RampAge Holiday Project

RampAge Holiday Project is a community based, borough wide project that organises group holidays for the over 50s, retired and older people from the London Boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster, plus surrounding boroughs and beyond. RampAge places particular emphasis on those with special needs in order to offer equality of opportunity and an inclusive environment. RampAge provides up to 8 holidays per year with priority given to people who are on a low income, who have special or complex needs and are least able to organise a holiday for themselves. RampAge holidays are all inclusive of bed, breakfast and evening meals, coach travel to and from the holiday venue and a range of excursions whilst on the holiday. Each RampAge holiday is accompanied by a RampAge volunteer courier.

Lesley or Maureen
Tel: 020 7998 4802
Email: rampagehp@hotmail.com

Banooda Aid Foundation (BAF)

BAF offers a range of education. welfare, and advice services for the Somali community.

Programmes include: Youth Programme, Women's Development, cultural and social events.

The Supplementary School teaches English, Maths, Science, & Somali language and culture.

Abdi Rahman
Tel: 020 7835 5632
Email: banoodaaid@yahoo.co.uk

Community Education Forum

Community Education Forum (CEF) was established in 2000 to identify and support the social, education, training, health, economic and developmental needs of young people and their families across West London.

Our client group is disadvantaged children, young people and families from the black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) community throughout London. We currently work with clients from the London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Ealing, Hounslow and Lambeth.

Amina Osman
Community Education Forum, Bishop Creighton House, 378 Lillie Road, London, SW6 7PH
Tel: 020 7381 4009
Email: info@cefuk.co.uk
Web: www.cefuk.co.uk

Carers Network

London based charity providing support, information, breaks and grants for unpaid carers.

Our vision is of a city where the role of all unpaid carers is recognised, supported and valued.

Ellen O’Mahony & Susie Yau
Tel: 020 8960 3033
Email: susie.yau@carers-network.co.uk

Family First Mediation

Family First Mediation has the experience and the background to help all family mediation dispute resolution issues. We have located offices around London and are happy to handle both private and legal aid cases.

We offer family mediation, those involved in family disputes as a result of divorce, separation, the breakdown of same sex relationships or involving other family members. Mediation can be used where a couple has prenuptial issues or considering separating.

Graham Lyons
Family First Mediation, Bishop Creighton House, 378 Lillie Road, London, SW6 7PH
Email: info@familyfirstmediation.co.uk

Kingsmith Care

Kingsmith Care is a domiciliary care service providing personal care to people in their own homes in West London. Our ethos at Kingsmith Care is that every action matters. This means that when a member of staff from Kingsmith Care visits a client at home or performs any task, how they do this matters. Our staff are expected to carry out every task, however simple, with care and thought, putting our values into action in everything they do.

Emma Smith & Lee Smith
Email: emma.king@kingsmithcare.co.uk or lee.smith@kingsmithcare.co.uk

Thornaes FMC & Learning Metrics

Fashion branding and marketing agency and leading fashion consultant in London UK. We help fashion and luxury goods companies develop their businesses. The fashion marketing and fashion consultancy arms of Thornaes FMC work to a carefully created code of business conduct: a charter that contains the code to the company’s repeated success in creating, maintaining and placing client brands in the worlds of fashion, apparel and luxury goods.

Tessa Thornaes
Email: tessa@thornaes-fmc.com

Wadaag Nation Aid

Wadaag Nation Aid is a nonprofit charity based in London which aims to help disadvantaged families in the London Borough in Hammersmith and Fulham. We also are collaborating with a few other charities at the moment to face growing problems in the UK such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and crime due to lack of education. We run a supplementary school alongside another charity.

Fahan Hussein
Email: wadaag.nation@yahoo.com

Good Efforts for Health and Wellbeing

Good Efforts for Health and Wellbeing is a West London-based, not-for-profit company that works with individuals and organizations in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). We provide support and practical assistance to women seeking medical treatment for the effects of FGM. We work with FGM-affected communities to raise awareness of the dangers and legal repercussions of FGM. We also provide services to empower disadvantaged members of the community. Current projects include Healthy Eating workshops in the White City area.

Sagal Osman
Email: enquiries@gehw.org.uk or sagal@gehw.org.uk