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Keep Active Kensington and Chelsea was launched in October 2017 as a partnership between Bishop Creighton House and Community Independence Service (CIS). 

A big thank you to Clothworkers Foundation for the donation of £16,000 to pay for a new van for our Safer Homes project. Pictured here: Donovan our handyman, who visits families with young children, disabled people, and older people — to keep the safer from fire and burglary in their home.

Draught Proofing

Free draught proofing until 22 December 2017 for anyone aged 65 or over, registered disabled or a family on means tested benefit with a child under 5. Contact our Safer Homes project for more info.

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Rhyddhi Chakraborty.
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Tideway breathes new life into a community garden

The Axis Foundation has given us a grant of over £3,000 towards the telephone costs of the Homeline safe & well volunteer run service for isolated older people – daily or weekly phone calls to reduce social isolation but also to include an emergency procedure if someone does not respond to th

May 2017.  The Dudley and Geoffrey Cox Charitable Trust is supporting our Mentoring Plus project for people with learning disabilities.  The trust, part of  the Merchant Taylors’ Company has given us a grant of £14,500 to help with the skills and wellbeing programmes that the team at Mentoring Pl

Physiotherapists in England are taking part in a national initiative to prevent falls among older people, by helping to ensure that once they stand up, they stay up.

April 2017.  We can only do what we do with support from funders. So big thanks to Winton Philanthropies, based in Hammersmith for being ‘a good neighbour’ and supporting charities in the areas local to Winton offices - for its donation of £10,000.