Bishop Creighton House has changed its operating name to The Creighton Centre with effect from June 2023.


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Volunteering with The Creighton Centre

Volunteers are at the heart of The Creighton Centre

Without their skills, enthusiasm and commitment, we simply couldn't do the work we do - Volunteers work with older people, adults with learning disabilities, and in our community centre.



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Volunteering Roles:

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Volunteering with Older People


Homeline - befriending service

There are many older people in Hammersmith & Fulham who experience social isolation through circumstances beyond their control - due to the death of friends or family, ill health and disability, or family moving away from the area. By volunteering with us you can enable isolated older people to renew social contact and access the things in life which we all need to stay happy - friendship, new opportunities, new learning, access to transport, access to better leisure, health and care services.

Volunteers help isolated older people through a range of support such as: daily telephone befriending to check people are safe and well; befriending an isolated person in their own home; providing companionship and support to someone who has just come home from hospital; or accompanying someone outdoors to assist them to remain independent in the community, and avoid becoming housebound.

"I will live on this memory until we next meet..."

Homeline client quote to her home visiting volunteer, 2022

Time Commitment

Volunteers should be available for 1-2 hours each week, preferably on weekdays, during the day.

If you would like to volunteer as a Homeline befriender, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Jelena Radusinovic, on 020 7385 9689 (option 1) or email


Download the Homeline volunteer application pack here.

Click video below to watch Gabby talk about her experience volunteering with our Homeline befriending service at The Creighton Centre.

Volunteering with Keep Active:

[exercise/walking support]

Keep Active is a  volunteer delivered project in partnership with the Community Rehabilitation Services (including the Community Independence Service (CIS)) in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Volunteers will provide short term support (usually 9 weeks) to older people after discharge from the CIS. Volunteer support helps keep older people physically active and independent and aims to build their confidence.

lder people can remain engaged with their local community. Volunteers visit an older person to help them with indoor exercises, outdoor walking practise or to  reach a goal within their home.  We need volunteers in H&F. 

"I am feeling a lot more mobile now and Ellie was great. I really looked forward to her visits. I am going to the day centre and I have to get down those stairs and across the pavements on my own - but I do it!”  Keep Active Client Amjit August 2021


Time Commitment

Volunteers should be available for 1-2 hours each week, preferably on weekdays, during the day.

If you would like to volunteer with Keep Active, please contact Hassan Kosa, on 020 7385 9689 (option 6) or email

Download the volunteer application form here.


Volunteering with People with Learning Disabilities:


Volunteering with Learning Disabilities Outreach Service

People with learning disabilities face a variety of barriers in everyday life which can prevent them from fulfilling their true potential. Developing personal goals, learning to make choices in life and even moderate social outlets are things that many people take for granted but for a person with learning disabilities they can seem like difficult things to achieve. A mentor can help by working closely with an individual 'mentee' to help them achieve their personal goals. Whether it's being able to travel independently, find work, manage money or build confidence, mentors can make a real difference to the lives of their mentees. We recruit and provide training to volunteers who become mentors to people with learning disabilities in the Hammersmith and Fulham area.

"I would recommend being a mentor to anyone, not only can you make a real difference in a person's life, but you will make a difference in your own life as well. I really only need three letters to describe mentoring: fun."
Heike, mentor.

Time Commitment

Mentors and mentees meet once every fortnight for a few hours. This can take place in the evenings or at weekends - it's flexible and is up to the mentor and the mentee.

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor to a person with learning disabilities, contact

Download the volunteer mentor application pack here.